Crystals for Indoor PLants

Crystals for Indoor PLants

When indoor plants become ill, timing is critical. The sooner you get help for your plant, the better. To treat your indoor plants with crystal healing energies, you will need a small selection of crystals including Clear Quartz and Aventurine.

Even if you don't know what is causing your plants health to deteriorate, crystals can help regain balance and jumpstart the healing process. Place the healing stones accordingly:

  • Gently push the chosen crystal into the soil where it can go to work immediately for the plant.
  • Don't break up the crystal to plant all around the stem of the plant. You simply need to place one crystal gently under the soil.
  • Repotting the plant can sometimes be all it needs to perk up again. Many times, the plant will grow out of its current pot and will die if it's not given more space to expand and grow. If you are repotting the plant, you will want to place a crystal in the bottom of the plant's new home. Then fill with soil and the plant.
  • Crystals can give off an energy that plants can absorb which in turn will only help it to grow.


Green Aventurine is one of my favorite garden crystals. Use it to create a garden grids that eases the tension and stress of the environment. It absorbs negative energy and will help protect your garden from the effects of pollution. Green Aventurine brings harmony and a sense of wellbeing into any space and is a master healer.


The Stone of Happiness, Citrine brings warmth and energizing vibes into any environment. It’s known for removing toxins and can encourage happy, healthy plants. Citrine looks heavenly when it is nestled in a bed of yellow or white flowers but careful that it doesn’t receive direct sunlight, as this can cause the colour to fade.


If you garden using the phases on the moon to guide you, then Moonstone is an absolute requirement nestled within your plants. As you can probably tell by the name, Moonstone is strongly associated with  the Moon. It is a symbol of fertility, healing, and restfulness that will give your plants lunar energy and celestial powers.


Clear Quartz could really be on any list of “Crystals for…”. This stone is known as “The Master Healer” because it is a great general stone to promote vitality. It also helps amplify and power up other stones and crystals. Clear Quartz crystal is a great one to start with if you aren’t sure or overwhelmed.

 For All Crystals 

 Form a decorative pattern or grid around or throughout your garden.

  • Create a protective perimeter around your garden.
  • Wear them as jewelry while gardening to increase your personal energy and tune you into what your garden needs.
  • Offer them to elementals to attract them and other nature spirits to your garden.

 For Blue Crystals

  • Place in or near the water to keep fish and plants healthy.
  • Display them to bring rain.
  • Store in your watering can to charge the water with healing energy.

 For Green and Brown Crystals

  • Place them at the base of the plant so the roots feel the energy.
  • Bury them shallowly so they can make direct contact with the plant’s roots.
  • Put them in plant food for at least 24 hours before spreading it throughout your garden (remove crystals before spreading food).
  • Hang them as pendents from tree branches.
  • Place it in a flower pot or under a tree to protect yourself and your property from the energy of others, especially if you live in a crowded or active area.