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Crystals for Plants

Crystals for Plants

Crystals for Plants:


Finally, there's green aventurine, one of Askinosie's favorite gardening crystals. She calls it a "master healer" with the ability to balance the energy of a space and lend an air of "well-being and calm" to it. "It brings an abundant energy that encourages whatever environment it’s placed into to flourish," she adds. If there's a stone that ought to boost your garden's longevity, it's green aventurine.

Gardeners who are struggling to keep pests away from their prized plants should consider using onyx or another dark-coloured crystal.

Many gardeners choose to simply place the crystals at the base of the plant so the roots feel the energy emitted from the sparkling stone. Gardeners also have the option of putting the crystal in a shallow hole within the dirt so it can make direct contact with the plant’s roots.

Crystals come from the earth, so they won’t look out of place within your garden. Use them to enhance the natural beauty of your garden and keep your plants healthy and strong. It is so simple, and it looks wonderful too!