Tissue Culture Plants - What do I do after I receive them in the post?

Grow the potted plantlets in proper growing conditions such as a Mini Greenhouse or plastic container. 

Your tissue culture plantlets have been cleaned of Agar and are ready to go into a mini greenhouse or other, be sure to keep lids closed with the occasional air vent open for air flow. 

These plantlets will thrive well in temperatures ranging from 25 to 30°C, relative humidity of between 65% and 100%, and under the lights for 10-12 hours a day.

Best to grow indoors, using a small covered mini greenhouse, we have used Saxon Mini Green House With Seed Tray from Bunnings, only $11.98 or you can simply use a clear takeaway container or similar.
Link: Bunnings Mini Greenhouse 

Prepare the mini greenhouse with a mix of perlite and clean spaghmum moss, make a hole in the middle of the seedling tray and place your plantlet in. Using tweezers pace some perlite and moss over any exposed roots. Be sure not to have any of the leaves under the soil as they may rot. Simply spray your plantlet at the base with a spray bottle. 

You must keep the lids closed to keep the humidity up but the good think about the mini green house you can open the small vents on the top to allow air flow into it occasionally.

You will need to place your plantlets under a grow light such as a broad spectrum light with a minimum of 10-12 a day.

During winter, a heat mat might be necessary to heat the bottom of the mini greenhouse, but please be aware as this may dry out your plants faster which will require more water. I personally don’t use one, so try it out if you like and see what works best for you. Make sure the mat is not over 30 degrees. You could possibly place a piece of carboard over the matt to reduce the heat transferred to the mini greenhouse, ultimately reducing the temperature.
When the sphagnum moss and perlite medium looks dry you can water them using a water small spray bottle.

NOTE: you don’t have to over do the amount of water you give them.

Fertilizer: We recommend only fertilizing after the first month of planting. Not providing fertilizer right after planting will encourage root growth because the plant will try to seek nutrients by expanding its root system. After the seedlings have been planted for a month, we recommend using a slow-release fertilizer.

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