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Aeonium Big Bang

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Approx. Size: 80mm

As a variegated species, Aeonium ‘Big Bang’ produces pups that don’t always have the variegated mutation. These offshoots should be cut off because they grow quicker than the variegated form, they will take over the plant. Big Bang is not one of the faster growing Aeonium due to the lack of sugar-producing, growth-inducing chloroplasts in the variegated leaves.

LIGHT: Generally, variegated forms sunburn easier than non variegated plants. Colours are richer with more sun, but keep an eye out for sunburn while finding the right balance.

WATER: From autumn through spring, water when the soil is almost dry. Let it dry out during the summer dormancy. The rainy season of autumn helps wake plants from their summer dormancy.

SOIL: Use a well-draining soil mix. This succulent is tolerant of low-nutrient soil.

PLANTING: For vibrant colours, outdoors often provides a better combination of temperature and sun than glasshouses. Big Bang is suited to pots 20 cm or larger, or in the garden.

FERTILISER: Big Bang grows strong despite low-nutrient soil, so fertilise only if growth halts or the plant begins to look lackluster. Otherwise, if fresh soil is used, nutrients will be replenished when the plant is ready to go up a pot size.

DORMANCY: Big Bang is dormant in summer. If they are kept in the sun during the growing season, they will go into dormancy and the heads will shrink a bit as they dry out. If they are kept in the shade during the growing season, they tend to not rebound into dormancy and the heads have the chance grow larger. They are mildly tolerant to frost.

PROPAGATION: Aeonium are not one of the succulent genera which propagates via leaf, but cuttings work well. Rosettes growing along the stem can be taken and rooted in their own pots.

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