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Crassula Christina. A must have to add to your Crassula collection! Displayed in a 75mm pot. Approx. size of the plant is 60mm across and 50mm high. 

The beautiful and sought after Crassula Christina prefers full sun/partial shade. Free draining soil is a must for Crassulas. It is a very low growing Crassula that displays masses of miniature white flowers during late Winter early Spring. 

Light: Full sun to partial shade. Most need some shade in the hottest part of summer, but require bright light to attain their most vibrant color.

Water: As succulents, they don’t need frequent watering, since they store it in their leaves. If they are left to sit in wet soil, their roots will rot. Watering well but infrequently on a warm day will give the plants time to dry off before nightfall. They need more water in winter and less in summer, their dormant time.

Temperature: Prefers average summer temps. They really do best in cooler but dry climates becoming more difficult the higher the humidity gets.  Good ventilation during these time is beneficial.

Soil: A well-drained succulent mix, with an ideal pH around 6.0 (slightly acidic).

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