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Aeonium Mardi Gras WOW!

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Approx. Size: 80-100mm.

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It displays a riot of colors, much like the festival for which it was named.

Aeonium ‘Mardi Gras’ is an offsetting succulent with rosettes of yellow and green variegation combined with vivid rose to rich burgundy especially when grown in bright light or when temperatures are cooler, offering a very striking accent. 

Aeonum Madi Gras has the most remarkable variegated colour range of any in the Aeonium family with centre of green which can be white in winter to vivid reds and burgundy's and yellow. It is really a tricolour which goes through colour changes with the seasonal growing. A hybrid of Aeonium Velour and a previously undisclosed parent, by Renee O'Conner.  With some research it seems that Aoenium arboreum albovariegatum, and Aeonium Garnet were the other two parents. There are many variegate forms of plants, Aeonium albovariegatum is considered a lovely but weakly plant. Madi Gras with the strong crossings of the other two parents has turned out to be a strong and quiet vigorous plant. Though a bit slower than Velour. Aeoniums are an easy to grow plant in the southern half of Australian climate and makes it a great favorite for pot culture or growing in the garden. Tolerates sun semi shade and likes a cool winter and spring with rain to grow. Their dormant period is Summer/Autumn. Hardy and drought tolerant.