Collection: Zygocactus

Zygocactus, with their pretty, flattened bell-shaped flowers, are the delights of the winter garden. They’re affectionately known as ‘Zygos’, but are often called ‘Crab Cactus’ because of their crab-like segmented stems, or occasionally ‘Christmas Cactus’ as they flower profusely during Christmas in the northern hemisphere. Whatever you choose to call them, they deserve a spot in your home or garden.

How Much Do Zygocactus Need Watering?

Water regularly after planting. Once established, Zygocactus are fairly tolerant of dry conditions but prefer to be watered regularly. Always check the mix before watering to see if water is required. To check, insert your index finger approximately 2.5-5 cm deep into the top of the mix. If it’s moist, leave watering for a few days; but if its dry, give your Zygocactus a good drink.