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Air plant Crystal kit

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A fantastic gift item! You will receive:
x1 Rose Quartz Crystal

x1 Clear Quartz Crytsal
x1 Amethyst Crystal
x1 E6000 Adhesive clear Glue 7.2g

x3 Assorted air plants

How to: Firstly you need to clean and dry your crystals. 

Once completely dry select the air plant that suits each crystal best. Look for a slight indend or curve where the air plant will glue best. 

Next you need to place some of the E6000 glue on the crystal, place the air plant and hold firmly for 3 seconds. 

You can choose to add a little more glue around the airplant onto the crystal for extra strength. 

Once you are satisfied it has been glued well, leave to dry for a few hours before moving it. 

In a few days you can mist your air plant. Place in a well lit room but not in the sun directly. 

Click here to view the How to Video.