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Cryptanthus 'Corrine'

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Approx size: Generous sized cuttings. Some have roots other do not. As the roots are dehydrated we suggest reading the how to care for sheet here 

Don’t be alarmed that there are no roots on the offset. In nature the offset will roll to a new location or will take root in the decaying humus of the mother plant thus forming clumps or mats. Your plant will root easily in your potting medium. Make a small depression, insert the short stem & press the mixture around it (easier if the medium is wet). Stake the plant if necessary to keep it from moving. An elastic band is also useful (of the appropriate size) for holding the offset in the mix. It is essential that the plant feels secure for an extra fast start & good growth.


Tips to Remember

Cryptanthus generally make excellent houseplants. Remember to keep the plant moist and in humid conditions. This is especially important when you use central heat or air conditioning as the moving air has a tendency to be drier. Many Cryptanthus can also tolerate outdoor conditions in temperate climates. Remember to mulch for protection during the winter and expect some damage to the leaves if temperatures drop below freezing. Fertilize your Earth Star to encourage growth, repot pups, and continue enjoying your Cryptanthus for years to come!