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Adenium Arabicum - Desert Rose

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Adenium Arabicum - Thai Mixed - Colours Flower colours vary - pink, white, yellow, red, orange and more!  

Approx size: All in tubestock pots

Description: Adenium arabicum ia a remarkable succulent plant with a grotesquely swollen trunk which resembles a miniature baobab tree. It is a local or morphological form of Adenium obesum, but commonly used to be know as a separate species and very popular with 'fat plant' collectors. Adenium arabicum is similar in appearance to Adenium obesum, but creates a massive, more squat and fat caudex without much differentiation between trunk and branches and is the most succulent and "desert like" species. 

Light Requirements: Bright filtered light is best but in areas where light is not as burning, plants may be kept outdoors in full sun unprotected but remember that caudex is very susceptible to sun scalding. Plant becomes leggy in the shade and its flowering reduced.

Water Requirements: Water plants preferably in the early mornings until the soil is well wetted and let excess water drains from the pot base. Watering can be done as they become drier during active growth season. Never allow plants to dry out too often as this causes them to go into early dormancy. Many plants simply never get enough water to grow and flower adequately so keep them active and growing by providing them with all the essential necessities. Water sparingly during winter months.

Please note: 

You will receive the same or similar plant as shown in the picture and colours of plants can change according to the season or time of day. Size's can also vary after drying + packing so may appear a little different than from the photo shown.