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Philodendron Pink Princess

Philodendron Pink Princess

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Potted in 110mm pots

The gorgeous and highly sought after pink princess philodendron (Philodendron erubescens ‘pink princess’) is at the top of many plant collector’s wish lists, and for good reason. Characterized by deep green, heart-shaped leaves with bubblegum pink variegation, the pink princess is truly unique in the plant world. Aside from its rather fussy lighting requirements, Pink Princess philodendrons are relatively low-maintenance. They’re shade-tolerant, although they do best in medium to bright indirect light, and they don’t need too much water. Since they’re used to nutrient-rich rainforest topsoil, they like a little more fertilizer than average in a soil that drains well and dries out between waterings

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You will receive the same or similar plant as shown in the picture and colours of plants can change according to the season or time of day. Size's can also vary after drying + packing so may appear a little different than from the photo shown. 

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