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Phalaenopsis Sogo Vivien - variegated leaf FLOWERING

Phalaenopsis Sogo Vivien - variegated leaf FLOWERING

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This Phalaenopsis Sogo Vivien is sure to make a striking addition to any home. Its unique and uncommon beauty is perfect for indoor spaces, and its rare leaf variegation adds a subtle yet notable detail to its overall aesthetic. Add this beautiful orchid to your collection today.

NOW FLOWERING Phalaenopsis orchid potted in 90mm farm pot. Shipped in pot. Moth Orchid - Rare Orchid - Live Plant (Rooted)
Phalaenopsis Sogo Vivien is a compacted phalaenopsis with beautiful cascading pink and white flowers. It also have a unique variegation on the leaves with yellow and green contrast. 

  1. A moderately bright windowsill or similar spot to grow in.

  2. Watering when it begins to dry out, usually every 7 to 10 days.

  3. Fertilizing with a fertilizer made for orchids, such as Strike Back for Orchids.

  4. Repotting when the bloom is finished with fresh orchid mix.

Please note: 

You will receive the same or similar plant as shown in the picture and colours of plants can change according to the season or time of day. Size's can also vary after drying + packing so may appear a little different than from the photo shown. 

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